I shot these photos back in late January for Norwegian television station TV3 as PR handout photos for their new documentary/reality show featuring four successful Norwegian housewives around Los Angeles.

After a bit of early press in February, they finally aired the show in April. I ran across the web episodes last night, so I decided to post my favorites. View all of the photos here.

Beatrice Prochazka at Bizzy B’s, her lingerie store in Hollywood, California:

Beatrice Prochazka

Siv Cotton with her husband at her home in Bell Canyon, California:

Siv Cotton

Kristine Dorow with her dog “Frenchie” in Santa Monica, California:

Kristine Dorow

Antoinette Kristensen in a recording studio in North Hollywood, California:

Antoinette Kristensen


All of these photos were lit with up to four portable speedlights (Nikon SB-24, SB-600, & SB-800) and triggered with Pocketwizards. The key was fired through an umbrella and the rim lights, if not the sun, were snooted.

No photoshop other than minor toning and color correction.

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